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What is an EPC?

An EPC, Energy Performance Certificate, is the measure of the energy efficiency of a building.

How do we make our assessment?

We look at a number of factors to determine the efficiency including:

Property Type            House Flat, Bungalow etc

Construction Type      Cavity Brick, Solid Brick, Timber,                                   Concrete etc

Age and size of the property including extensions    


Heating System         Gas/Electric/Oil..etc  Boiler type/                                heating controls

Double Glazing          Hot water provision


Insulation in Loft and exposed walls

All the data collected at the property is processed using Government approved “RDSAP” software which will then give a rating and produce a 4 page report. This report explains how the rating was achieved and details improvements that could be made to further enhance the property.

*The EPC is a legal requirement to market a property for sale or rent.

If you’re buying or renting ask to see a copy of the EPC, it contains valuable information that could help you in making a decision.