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Gas Flue Inspection Hatches

Gas Flue Inspection Hatch Installation

Homeowners & Landlords - Act Now..! Don't Get Caught Out by the New Regulations coming into force in December 2012 that require Gas Flue Inspection Hatches for any flues situated within wall or ceiling voids...

If you have a boiler where all, or part of the flue cannot be seen, homeowners and landlords will need to arrange for inspection hatches to be fitted to enable the complete length of the flue to be visually inspected.

This does not mean that your gas flue system is suddenly unsafe: As long as the installation passes the risk assessment including the installation of "Audible CO Alarms", it can still be used normally for the time being. However, an audible CO alarm is no alternative for visually inspecting the flue and so the installation of gas flue inspection hatches should be carried out at the earliest opportunity.

You have until December 2012 for this work to be completed, after this date the boiler would be classified as "At Risk" and any engineer will be required to turn off and decommission your boiler

Boiler mounted directly to external wall

No action required

Boiler mounted on internal wall

Action may be required